By investing in women's health, we are investing in their families, communities and access to limitless opportunities. This Shea Radiance Project is part of the Sustainable Shea Initiative “SSI”, an initiative launched by the Global Shea Alliance in partnership with USAID. The project aims to improve the livelihood of women shea collectors and processors in West Africa while protecting the shea eco-system. As part of this initiative, Shea Radiance is partnered with Shea Origin, a woman run beauty brand in Lagos, Nigeria, The Shea Empowerment Foundation, a collective of over 1,000 women shea nut pickers and processors in Oyo State, Nigeria and Envirofit, providers of clean cooking stoves for the local Nigerian market. Areas of Impact will include - Warehouses for Women,  Commercial Clean Cook stove and Personal Clean Cookstoves. Find out more here.

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For a little over a decade, Shea Radiance has been at the forefront of empowering women through beauty.

Join us as we continue to impact women.


The age old, traditional method of producing shea butter exposes women to harsh health conditions.

We are keeping women healthy. Join us.


For 10 years, we have invested in the success of women cooperatives and entrepreneurs. 


Our natural, effective and affordable products have helped many women achieve their beauty and self-care needs.   

Shea Radiance, through the 1000 Women Project, is dedicated to the advancement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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