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How would you feel if the only job you had made you sick? 16 million African women work harvesting and processing shea nuts into butter. Every shea fruit that falls from the shea tree is handpicked by an African woman. Using wisdom passed down from their mothers and grandmothers on how to extract beautiful golden butter from the shea nut, women have used shea butter for beauty, healing and as an important source of income.


Unfortunately, this age old, traditional method of extracting shea butter from the shea nut has long relied on smoky, inefficient cooking stoves that expose women to emphysema, asthma, cataracts, heart disease and even cancer. If a woman becomes ill as a result of these exposures, her ability to continue generating an income for her family is greatly affected.

By investing in women's health, we are investing in their families, communities and access to limitless opportunities. In partnership with Shea Origin, the Shea Women's Empowerment Foundation and Envirofit, the 1000 Women Project will raise $100,000 over the next three years for the Clean Cookstove Project to provide 1000 clean cooking stoves to 1000 women in Oyo State, Nigeria. The Clean Cookstove Project is a part of the Sustainable Shea Initiative (SSI), an initiative launched by the Global Shea Alliance in partnership with USAID. The project aims to improve the livelihood of women shea collectors and processors in West Africa while protecting the eco-system. We're also providing 10 commercial cookstoves to help women increase their shea production capacity which in turn increases their income. By 2020, with your partnership, we can promote healthier lifestyles for shea entrepreneurs and their families.

Changing the world for the better starts with one person reaching out to lift up another. The 1000 Women Project goes beyond keeping women healthy, we want to impact communities of women everywhere. Join us in sharing her gold and our stories


In addition to changing the lives of 1000 women for the better, our initiatives are committed to creating healthy dialogue around health, wealth & access and beauty. Join us. Become an ambassador. 

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By investing in women's health, we are investing in their families, communities and access to limitless opportunities. Each energy-efficient stove purchased changes a woman's life. 

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1000 Women P.U.R.E. sets offers you a natural and simple way to approach your everyday beauty and self-care needs. Proceeds from the sets will benefit the 1000 Women Project.