1KW Ambassador - Funmi Makinde (@frompjwithlove)

February 19, 2019

Meet our newest 1KW ambassador, Funmi Makinde. In her daily life as a public health professional, her current scope of work entails conducting and facilitating program evaluation, capacity building, and health equity initiatives for vulnerable or disproportionately impacted groups. Funmi is also a Certified Health Education Specialist. "My profession is an integral part of my life," Funmi says, as "I have a great passion for community empowerment and holistic wellness."


When asked about her interest in the 1,000 Women Project, Funmi says that "supporting the 1000 Women Project is a practical example of mobilizing for health equity. I think it's an exciting way to not only educate and help multitudes, but also revolutionize how the public perceives and responds to issues that may not have traditionally appeared to impact them."


The best advice she has been given as a woman is to "never forget that if you're in a room, it's because you belong there.


Follow Funmi @frompjwithlove and join her in supporting the 1,000 Women Clean Cookstove Project here



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