1KW Special Guest - Kemi Ajibare (@StyledbyKemi)

StyledByKemi is a personal styling brand. Kemi teaches women the importance of loving themselves and owning her personal style. "I’ve found a niche within women's fashion, styling, and lifestyle that is attainable and affordable for all women."

The 1000 Women Project is important to StyledByKemi because "I believe that women have impact in all aspects of our lives today. Whether it’s being a business owner, wife, mom, sister, we are powerful. There’s something about women coming together for a common good and I believe 1000 Women Project is such a great initiative for helping our women abroad, where resources are scarce."

The best advice she has been given as a woman is to be the best woman you can be. "If you’re not your best you, you can't be the best for those around you."

Kemi will be joining us at the #1000Women Clean Cookstove Project Launch this weekend in D.C. Learn more about Kemi here.