Celebrity Chef Huda - Chef Huda's Kitchen

The 1000 Women Project is excited to share the stories of the women who help us support women.

Chef Huda Mu’min is an acclaimed chef, television personality and philanthropist. She is Founder and CEO of Chef Huda’s Kitchen, a unique culinary company specializing in Healthy Comfort Food. CHK is dedicated to it’s mission to educate, empower and inspire people through food.

Growing up in an organic household, her specialty is healthy comfort food. She is on a mission to improve our relationship with food and help the world find “a happy food place,” one healthy bite at a time.

She gained national notoriety winning Food Network’s top-rated show Cutthroat Kitchen, hosted by Alton Brown. Her win, was the networks largest contestant prize earnings to date. An audience favorite, Chef Huda also appeared on the first season of ABC’s “The Taste” with Anthony Bourdain and Nigella Lawson.

We're excited to announce that Chef Huda will be our special guest celebrity chef at the The 1KW Clean Cookstove Project Launch this Sunday in DC. On partnering with the #1000Women Project, Chef Huda says "as a women and a business owner, it’s important to support other women. Everyone should have the opportunity to provide for their family, to provide a better life for their communities and for themselves." She believes that every woman should have the opportunity to cook clean. "You shouldn't get sick from cooking."

On empowering women, the best advice she has been given is “to be fearless, to be proud, to love [oneself] and to always let [your] power shine.”

Learn more about Chef Huda, and her amazing accomplishments and features here. To attend the 1KW Clean Cookstove Project Launch, register here.