Mercy & Mo - NativCouture

NativCouture aims to amplify the best of the Bright Continent (Africa) through fashion. We work with women-owned small businesses to provide timeless pieces for the afropolitan woman. Our name is inspired by the need to reclaim historically negative terms like “native” and “indigenous”, formerly used to describe African and other peoples, and take ownership of real identities. We are not merely native, we are original.

NativCouture actively supports community development in Africa. We are deeply committed to empowering women and have done so in Uganda through our support of Africa-based programs to improve the livelihoods of women. We firmly believe that this Project is an important issue that affects countless women worldwide. As an African owned brand with Nigerian founders, NativCouture is proud to support a project that empowers Nigerian women and strengthens their ability to be self reliant. As Nigerian women, we see the value in easing the burden of a double day of work. Globally, women spend 2-10x more time on unpaid care work at home in addition to the work the perform outside the home. When paid work has a negative health impact, this is felt within the community that women support.

I’ve been given much advice that I cannot remember now. But two mottos that have stayed with me recently, “destiny demands diligence” and “what you feed will flourish”. These are things which are currently fueling my passion and drive.

NaticCouture will be showcasing their amazing pieces at our Clean Cookstove Launch this weekend. Learn more about NativCouture here.

*Mecry is also a part of the amazing team of women behind the #1000Women Project.