Raissa Akakpo - Sossou Sandals

Fashion designer, Raissa Akakpo is a creative, passionate and a hard-working woman with a BA in political science. Born in Ivory Coast (West Africa), she moved to the US at an early age and has been living in the US for more than 18 years. In 2016, she launched her sandal line "Sossou" which was a perfect combination of the heritage of West Africa and the modernism of the western culture. She is currently working on her MBA in Nonprofit and Association Management in hopes of taking her knowledge back to her home country and create her own nonprofit.

The Sossou line is a tribute to her grandmother; the women who taught her the values of life and some valuable lessons that helped her to become successful. Her grandmother was in love with the high-quality sandals for the sophisticated woman.

The Sossou sandals are handmade in West Africa. To pay homage to her grandmother, Raissa hired the shoemaker that her grandmother used - to make the designs unique, as preferred by her grandmother.

It is important for Sossou Sandals to be a part of the 1000 Women Project because Raissa and her team believe in contributing to the welfare of women in our society. "Every women should have the necessary resources that facilitates their daily tasks in the household such as having a cooking stove."

The best advice given to me is to not be the tail but the head, meaning to always be a leader and not be a follower.

Sossou Sandals will be showcasing their products at the Clean Cookstove Launch this weekend. Find out more about the launch here. To learn more about Sossou Sandals visit here.